XPOSED reinvents the way guests are captured at events.

The Team

The XPOSED studio team consists of four key roles.

The Photographer - Master of light and expert poser. Builds a quick, easy rapport with each guest. Skilled at identifying your good side and arranging groups of all sizes.

The Host - Creates a welcoming environment in the studio. Each guest or group of guests is greeted warmly, and the Host quickly scans the guests to make sure all the garments and details are in order. Then guests are introduced to the photographer and the shoot begins.

The Editor - A big part of providing a flattering experience for guests is to make sure photos are professionally edited and retouched. We don’t use cheesy filters or overlays. Photos look great straight out of the camera, and the Editor just gives them a little cosmetic boost.

The Printer - The goal is to have your guests walk away with a gorgeous, matted print. The printer will prepare it, as well as ensure that guests receive their images files via email.

The Decor

We’ve had just about enough of viking hats, sequined backgrounds and oversized sunglasses.

The XPOSED decor consists of elegant studio backgrounds, and simple yet eye-catching studio furnishings.

We can work with the furnishings already provided at your event, and we can also tailor the color and style of decor to match your vision.

The Lighting

Most photo booth companies rely on just a single light.

XPOSED brings a multi-light setup, with key, fill and hair lights, as well as tools to bounce and control the light. We use the highest-quality studio lights and softboxes to create a gorgeous quality of light.

This lighting setup gives a distinctive look, and creates excitement for guests! They truly feel like they are getting a studio experience.

The Three Rules of XPOSING

These rules are posted at every event to give gentle guidance to your guests before they enter the studio.

  1. If it’s tense, relax it.

  2. If it bends, bend it.

  3. Avoid 90 degree angles.